Friday, March 07, 2014

Situation Report

Lent: Day Three

Number of times I have absently reached for an imaginary Diet Pepsi while preoccupied with menial tasks...15.

Number of times my mouth has watered at an M&M's commercial....three...and I don't even like peanut M&M's.

Number of times I have walked by the bakery section of the grocery store, just to moon over the brownies, cheesecakes, carrot cake, and donuts...two.

Number of pounds I inexplicably gained this week...two (I blame PMS and my body's confusion over where the hell its' Diet Pepsi has gone).

Number of hours of sleep I am going to lose come this Saturday (damn you, Daylight Savings Time! Damn you!).

Number of kisses I just bestowed on The Teenager against her will simply because I want to stockpile for the inevitable moment when she realizes that she needs a kiss while she is away at college...sixteen.

Number of margaritas I am tempted to drink when at dinner with Jana later this evening...three.

Number of margaritas I will actually drink while at dinner with Jana

Sit Rep Status: Complete

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