Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I Can Feel It Coming in the Air Tonight

The pollen count is up, so says the television weatherman. I didn't need him to tell me; all the signs were present:

1.  I woke up with my eyelashes glued to my cheekbones with a thick paste of eye goop (I'm so pretty!).

2.  A steady stream of snot is running out of my nose at a nearly constant rate (once again, soooo pretty!).

3.  When I don't slather a layer of powder over three layers of foundation, over a thick blanket of concealer, I have under-eye circles so dark; they look like I just went twelve rounds in a prize fight.

4.  Blinking my eyes feels something like dragging a sheet of sandpaper over my corneas.

5.  I now hold the office record for number of consecutive sneezes in a thirty-second period (15).

Happily, I have procured a bottle of Zyrtec and am expecting relief from the allergy symptoms sometime around June. Or, when the pollens naturally abate, whichever comes first.

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