Friday, July 20, 2018

Friday Favorites: The Usual Suspects

It would appear that I am becoming a two-post-a week blogger. I wish I could say that is due to all the fun we are having this summer, but, not so much. We have yet to get the boat on the lake, I haven't had a chance to travel, and, I'm becoming concerned that my garden may be trying to kill me, but; that's a post for another day (hey, maybe it will be one-of the-two that I post next week! Kidding. I think).

Anyhoodle, I do have some things that are making me happy that I can talk about, so, without further adieu...

...summer produce! This afternoon, I harvested a few yellow zucchinis, a handful of Roma tomatoes, the last of my beets, two red chili peppers, and a lone cucumber.

The rest of the garden is coming along, and, I haven't seen a single squash bug in almost a week, now. Neem oil for the win!

Speaking of gardening, my oriental lilies have also started to bloom. The plants have doubled every year since I planted them, and, this year, they spread from the top flowerbed to the flowerbed below it; they grow like weeds but are far prettier to look at. They also smell amazing, and, if my Dad were still alive, he would be impressed.

Speaking of my Dad, look what my Mom found while cleaning out her garage...

...that would be Dad's old 8 Track player and a good part of his 8 Track tape collection. I grew up dancing across Mom's shag carpeting to the vocal talents of Sonny and Cher, Donny and Marie, and Dolly Parton (my parents had eclectic taste in music, I mean, obviously) on that machine, and I cannot believe that Dad kept it. Mom has it set up in her dining room now, and, I will be transported back to my childhood every time I see it.

I know I mentioned this in my last post, but, the fact that the hummingbirds are back at my feeders is a favorite for sure.

And that about wraps up this edition. Now you see how boring my life has become; pulling together the content for two posts a week is like a minor miracle.

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