Wednesday, July 11, 2018

This, I Bee-lieve

This is the mantra I choose to live by; it's apropos considering my photography hobby. 

Life presents challenges, but, it also presents opportunities, and, you have to embrace the good even when you are battling through the bad. So, what's been good around here, lately?


We may have had to really focus in order to see it, but, it's there.

For example, while on one of our daily walks, my co-workers and I discovered the coolest thing: an actual, honest-to-goodness, all-natural bee hive. In a tree!

It's the first natural hive that any of us had ever seen (lots and lots of beekeepers in our community, so, plenty of opportunities to see man-made hives), and, we were fascinated enough by it to make it a frequent stop on our strolls.

The tree, which, by the way, I will forever presume to be both hollow and containing Winnie-the Pooh in full-on honey-eating mode...

...shares a yard with our favorite fairy garden. Yesterday, we finally got the opportunity to meet the husband of the woman who has built that garden, and, we expressed our appreciation of both the garden and the honey tree. He said that he would pass the compliments along to his wife, who would be tickled to know how much we appreciate her efforts.

On the way back to the office, we decided that we wanted to do more to show that appreciation, however, so, I stopped in at the local nursery on my lunch hour and picked up a little something for the fairy garden, which, we left along with a thank-you note for our "Fairy Gardener".

It felt good.

It was good.

Life is good. You just have to bee-lieve.

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  1. That is my daughter who I love and cherish beyond words.