Thursday, May 02, 2019

File Under F, For Frustration

My day started off with a bang yesterday; the banging was courtesy of me beating on my filing cabinet in frustration when I couldn't get the damn thing to open.

I have no idea how a perfectly good lock can somehow spontaneously combust overnight, but that was the situation at Day Job. Despite numerous efforts on the part of several co-workers, we were unable to get the damn thing open.

I finally succeeded in opening it with a nail file, thanks to a YouTube tutorial by a twelve-year old named Dylan; say what you will about the millennial generation, but, you can't knock their mad burglary skillz.

Today, I am transferring files to a new cabinet and putting the old one in the recycling rotation at our corporate office. I lobbied for a chance to beat the piece of crap into scrap metal myself, but, cooler heads prevailed.

Cooler Heads=Buzz Kill.

On the bright side, I have access to my phone charger, which had also been locked in the cabinet; I'm planning to keep it in my desk drawer from now on so, in the event that the new cabinet mysteriously implodes, I will have battery life on my phone. Got to be able to access YouTube in case of emergency, don't you know.

Besides, now I'm kind of curious about what other tricks young Master Dylan has up his sleeve.

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