Monday, May 20, 2019

Weekend Shenanigans

This weekend was a whirl-wind of fun activities, which, hasn't happened in a while. To say I loved it would be an understatement.

Saturday morning, Mom, Hugh, and I attended a graduation party for Johnna, who is both a friend of the family and the soon-to-be bride of Darren (two for one!). I will be photographing the wedding in August, and, since the wedding will be held at the house where the graduation party was, I was able to get an idea of what to expect, logistics-wise.

After the grad party, we went shopping for flowers for my front porch, and, while I struck out (nothing caught my eye, plus, it was freaking chilly out, which dampened my enthusiasm for wandering around the garden center at the Home Depot), Mom did manage to find cushions for her deck furniture, so not all was lost.

Saturday evening, Phoebe, Petey, and two of their three kids stopped by for a BBQ; they were in town for Phoebe's niece's graduation and it was so nice to see them. Phoebe and I got caught up and plotted our next destination for a Girl's Trip (we are hoping for Napa in October, assuming we can get everyone on the same page; fingers crossed!).

Sunday morning, we were up early, headed to Neighboring City where Hugh was officiating a baseball game while Mom, Queen B, and I hit the winery for brunch. It was amazing! I had a ham and cheese crepe that was seriously to die for, while Mom and Queen B each had turkey and brie panninis that were, according to them, absolutely delicious. We toasted with mimosas and relaxed in the vineyard before hitting the shopping center for fun things that we may not have needed, but adore, nonetheless. It was the perfect way to end the weekend.

Today, I am at Day Job, where I am attending a strategic planning retreat at the local mental health center. Yay, me.

On the bright side, the Man-Cub's plane lands at 11:00! Mom and Queen B are picking him up at the airport and we have a steak dinner planned for later tonight. Both my babies under my roof and tasty food? Yes, please!

It's shaping up to be a great week!

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