Thursday, May 16, 2019

It's a Much Better Week, I Am Having

This week at Day Job has been a lot less stressful, if not one whit less busy.I'll take busy and not stressed over busy and tearing my hair out, any day.

And, since I had to flex a number of overtime hours from last week, today was my Friday! and, it was Bike to Work Day, so, not only did I get to take Lulu to work, I also got a T-shirt. Like, wow! Right? I mean, who doesn't need another ugly T-shirt cluttering up their closet?

So, as I said, I am off tomorrow, and, the only things I have planned are the closing on the house refinance that Hugh and I are doing and pedicures with Mom, who is coming up from Mayberry for a few days.

Saturday, we have a graduation brunch for the daughter of friends, Sunday, Mom, Queen B, and I are gong to brunch at the winery where Queen B did her internship last year, and, on Monday, the Man-Cub comes home!

Things are definitely shaping up for a nice few days, and, after last week, I totally deserve it.

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