Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Cause for Celebration

I just submitted my second-to-last FAFSA to the federal government.

If you are a parent of a college student and aren't:

A) Wealthy by virtue of a fortunate birth (generally, into a family with Old Money)

B) Wealthy by virtue of early investments into start-up companies (Netflix, Facebook, Google, etc.)

C) Wealthy by virtue of a generous insurance settlement (hopefully not based on the loss of life or limb)


D) Wealthy by virtue of a record-breaking lottery win

then you probably know the pain that is the FAFSA.

Having felt the heartburn generated by completing the FAFSA a grand total of six times now; I feel like an expert, not only on the requirements of the application, but on the merits of Tropical Flavored Tums, which, while tasting like fruity chalk, have the least overwhelming metallic aftertaste of all the antacids I've tested.

So, to say that I am happy to be done with this particular responsibility of parenting again for another year would be vastly understating my emotions, and, we can't have that.

Dance party!

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