Saturday, November 02, 2019

There's a Hole in My Bucket List

New month, new list! But, before I get to that, how did I do on last month's list? Let's see...

1. Pay more attention to my diet...well, I paid plenty of attention to it going right off the track. That counts, right?

2. Book and shoot two family sessions...booked one, shot one.

3. Post one Halloween photo to Instagram every day of the month...nailed it!

4. Do at least two social activities with friends...I surpassed myself; I went to Pickin' at the Pea with The Lesbians, to a barn sale with Kortni, I hosted a Halloween themed Porch Night, I got to spend a full day with Phoebe, and I took Queen B and Miss Mia to The Candle Kitchen for a fun morning of candle making.

5. Take better care of myself, in general...well, there's always this month...

...which, brings us to November's list.

1. Host a kick-ass Thanksgiving Dinner.

2. Put together a kick-ass care package for the Man-Cub.

3. Knock out the majority of my Christmas shopping.

4. Catch up on my monthly bookkeeping at the hardware store; this one sucks, but, it's a must-do.

5. Attend at least two social events with friends and/or family.

6. Hit my 10,000 step goal every day of the month.

7. Find a way to work the word grateful into every post that I write. Because, despite my frequent bitching, moaning, complaining, and general declarations of ennui, I am, without a doubt, grateful. Every single day.

And, that's it.  I would make a crack about setting the bar low, but, since I do that every month, I shall refrain.

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