Sunday, January 19, 2020

Even Good Change is Hard, Y'all

I spent the majority of this past week tidying up loose ends at Day Job; this included telling partners, co-workers, and corporate staff that I was leaving. The news elicited mixed reactions, ranging from genuine excitement for me to barely contained anger. The angry people don't affect me; they are high on the list of reasons why I accepted my new position in the first place, and, the people who are happy for me are, in a lot of cases, people that I will continue to interact with in my new job. The reactions, across the board, are further proof that it was well past time for me to reach higher.

This week, I am planning to tie up the more mundane, yet necessary, items on my list, including the insurance paperwork that will need to be in place in order for my family to avoid even a short period without coverage. I am debating making an appointment under my current coverage for yet another thyroid test, as things are off, and, the last two times I have experienced the same symptoms, I was in need of a medication adjustment. Of course, the heightened anxiety could be something as simple as the stress of this transition, but, I'd rather know for sure.

There are other areas in my life that are overdue for an overhaul, and, I'm putting a lot of thought into what that needs to look like, but, for now, I think I'm handling just about as much as I can.

In other news, Hugh's retirement was officially recognized by the Petticoat Junction Town Board last week. He got a cake, a new badge (which will allow him to continue to carry a concealed weapon), a standing ovation, and a framed certificate. It was a very nice send-off.

Further proof that, while change is hard, it can also be quite sweet.

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