Friday, January 10, 2020

The Week That Was

I officially made it through the first full work week since last year! That deserves a celebration, and, it just may include wine.

Of course, it wasn't all work; I had my share of fun, too, including  framily dinner with Chris, Jana, Oscar, and Emily on Tuesday night. Everyone wanted a chance to see the Cub one last time before he departed for Hawaii, and, a Mexican feast seemed like just the ticket.

The Cub order the seafood molcajete, the size of which, took him by surprise when it arrived. He didn't come anywhere near finishing it, but the doggy bag was totally worth the look on his face when he saw it for the first time.

The rest of us ordered more reasonable portions, but, even then, there was more than enough food to satisfy, including the awesome chicken fajitas that I had.

Wednesday night, Hugh, the Cub, and I went to see Jumanji 2 as our last activity together before the Cub returned to school, which, he did; flying out Thursday morning. It never gets easier to watch him walk through those security gates, but, I am so, so proud of how well he is doing at school.

I'm planning to spend the weekend catching up on household chores, as well as on year-end work at the hardware store. I'm also going to be napping at some point, because, this week has done kicked my ass.

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