Sunday, January 05, 2020

The Epiphany

I mean that less in the religious sense (although, tomorrow is January 6th, which, is the Epiphany according to the Catholic faith ) and more in the "I've come to the serious realization that my recent lifestyle choices are, in a word, bad for me", sense.

I've undone a lot of the good work that I did back in 2017, and, I've got the physical issues to prove it. Add to that the mounting symptoms of perimenopause, and, you have a recipe for disaster. So, I've made the commitment to making positive changes that will result in a return to my normal. I'm instituting a number of changes all at once, so, when I inevitably experience success, it's going to be tough to pinpoint exactly what factors play the biggest part-sort of a chicken and the egg situation-but, I'm sort of desperate here.

Change, number one: I am going back to daily exercise. I got away from my habit of doing at least 10,000 steps a day, and, it shows.

Change, number two: I'm returning to a more intentional diet. I've allowed sugar to creep back into my life, and, like any other addictive substance, it has wrought havoc on my life.

Change, number three: I've started taking an over-the-counter supplement that is intended to provide relief from menopausal symptoms. It's hormone-free, which is important to me since my Mom's type of breast cancer was 100% hormone-driven, and, because I carry the Leiden Factor V gene mutation, which, creates a risk for blood clotting and can be exacerbated by hormones. I'm hoping the supplement will help with my nastier symptoms, including the anxiety, mood swings, hot flashes, and weight gain. I do realize that it is not a magic pill, which is why I'm instituting Changes One and Two.

Change, number four: I'm carving out time for myself, and, more importantly, I'm using that time in pursuits that challenge, relax, energize, or empower me. I need to do a better job of balancing my life and this is an important step.

I know a lot of people choose a word that they plan to live by for each new year, and, that's not really something that I have ever rabidly embraced, but, if I were to choose a word for 2020, I think it would be Transformation. It's about intentional change, leading to a new and improved outcome, and; that about sums up my goal for 2020.

See? An epiphany!

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