Thursday, January 23, 2020

You Have GOT To Be Kidding Me

I've been a loyal FabFitFun customer for several years now, and, I'd rather walk on my own tongue than speak unkindly about a company whose service I enjoy, but, today I feel the need to throw just the teensy-tiniest bit of shade.

If you know FabFitFun, you know that they offer add-ons in addition to the regular merchandise that is included in each box; add-ons are purchased separately and ship earlier than the seasonal boxes.

When the opportunity to purchase add-ons came around this season, I took advantage of the sale prices and purchased one item; the package arrived today and...well...

I mean, on the one hand, good for them for recycling and reusing old boxes. On the other hand...

What the actual fuck, FabFitFun?

I almost feel like I should send the box back with nothing but a sternly worded letter, but, then I would just be contributing to the madness, and, we can't have that.

On the bright side, the brush is cool.


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