Sunday, April 04, 2021

Here Come the Brides

Yesterday's weather could not have been more perfect for a wedding in the mountains! The sun was shining, the temperatures were mildly cool, and there was no wind of which to speak. I actually don't think I've ever seen such a pretty day for an event of any kind.

The venue for the wedding was quite unique; the ceremony was held outdoors, and the reception was held in a reclaimed 1800's log cabin schoolhouse. Since the girls were only allowed thirty guests, the intimate setting was absolutely perfect, and, the mix and match decor provided by the event planner was an amazing reflection of the uniqueness of the couple, themselves. Which, speaking of..

..this cake topper was a bone of contention between the brides for many a moon. Kristi had it made in the Ukraine (it's made of sugar, and features both brides, plus all three of their dogs and the cat. Kristi wanted to include their ten chickens, but they wouldn't fit on the topper) and was so excited to surprise Erin with it. Erin was less than impressed (in Erin's defense, it did arrive damaged; one of her eyes was missing and Kristi's face had melted, slightly. Kristi managed to salvage it with a Sharpie and a creative application of store-bought cake fondant).

The girls compromised by adding a second cake to the reception, especially for the topper. So, Erin got her fancy cake and Kristi got her more personalized cake. Anyone care to guess which cake the guests liked best?

Hint: It wasn't this one

We started the day with mimosas in the main guest house on the property. The event coordinator provided a breakfast that featured the fluffiest pancakes that I have ever eaten in my life. She paired them with homemade maple syrup and strips of candied bacon that were to die for.

I noshed on my stack of pancakes while the stylist created the most intricate messy bun that I have ever had in my life...

..after which she airbrushed my makeup and glued fuzzy caterpillars across my eyelids (clearly I am not a fancy gal who is used to false eyelashes).

I don't have a ton of pictures from the day (it's really strange to be in front of the camera, rather than behind it), but I do have a few that I was able to get on my phone, as well as some that Hugh took from his seat during the ceremony.

The girls both looked amazing, and, most importantly, were happy as could be. Despite their reservations, each of the girl's families had made the trip for the wedding and I have to hope that they saw how incredibly happy Erin and Kristi make each other and that their support of the girls will increase, tenfold.

If that doesn't happen, the girls have more than ample support from friends who love them without condition. I am so proud to count myself among them.

Anyhoodle, here is a photo dump of what I was able to capture throughout the day. I'll have to share the photographer's photos once she gets them back to the girls. 

The shoes that tried to kill me

The basket I put together to surprise the girls with

Now, I am going to down a few ibuprofen tablets and put my feet up before I have to prepare Easter dinner for the crew who is running the ambulance today; it's a different Easter for us, to be sure, but, we're here for it.

Happy Easter, by the way!

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