Sunday, April 11, 2021

Horror-Mone Update: Week One

I started this HRT journey last week. I'm calling it a journey because it is becoming increasingly clear to me that there will be no short trip to my desired destination, which, is the Land of Normal. 

You know Normal? Where every day features stability in emotions, weight, appetite, body temperature and sanity? Where, upon waking, one springs from bed with nary a twinge, let alone full-on body pain? And that's after sleeping through the night, without waking numerous times to fight off the fires of Hades before being consumed.

That Normal. I owned real estate there once; it was magical.

Anyhoodle, HRT is apparently a science of trial and error, which means that I am adjusting dosages of both estrogen and progesterone until I hit the sweet spot wherein I can control the symptoms present in Horror-Monia, where I currently reside (try to avoid purchasing real estate here; it's a dump).

In addition to tinkering with the progesterone and estrogen; I will be adding treatment for my thyroid since the results from all that bloodwork I had done indicate that I have Hashimoto Disease, which is a thyroid thing (my ability to absorb new information about the rapidly increasing betrayals of my body has reached it's limit; I'll try to get more specific once I have a chance to start processing all this crap).

I am scheduled for an appointment with my doctor in a couple of weeks so that we can start sorting it all out. As a consolation for my misery, the practice in which the doctor works has offered me a complimentary relaxation facial and microdermabrasion session, as well as a free consultation with their nutritionist. 

I'm planning to take a day off from Not So New Job so I can make a day of it, complete with a stop at the new Homegoods store, which opened in Neighboring City, recently; if I'm going to continue to reside in Horror-Monia, at least I can surround myself with nice things.

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