Wednesday, April 21, 2021

So, We Did a Thing...

I may have mentioned here, a time or two, that the Man-Cub will be graduating from college in December. I'm sure I've also mentioned, a time or ten, that he attends school in Hawaii.

Graduation from college usually means having a graduation celebration, right?


When he originally left for college, we sent him off with a grand luau, and, I always envisioned throwing another one for him upon his matriculation. Due to a combination of him having an inept student advisor his first year of school and the Covid nonsense of last year, he was forced to take an extra semester, which, means a December graduation rather than the May date that I had originally envisioned.

Anyone want to host a luau in Colorado in December?

Yeah, me neither.

So, we are doing the next best thing; we are taking the luau to Hawaii.

Last night, I pulled the trigger on renting this amazing house... cost a small fortune, not gonna lie.

Happily, along with all the stress and frustration that came with Not So New Job came an increased salary, which, combined with the sale of the house in Neighboring City, means that we can afford to pay a small fortune for the peace of mind of knowing that we, our immediate family (including the Cub's grandparents, girlfriend, cousin, and Second Son Mikey) will be able to relax and celebrate the Cub's accomplishment in grand style.

Naturally, I have all sorts of fears around this booking. Will Covid rear it's ugly head? Will an unexpected hurricane pummel the island? Will someone get sick, injured, or worse before our scheduled departure?

Hopefully, none of the above, but; I wouldn't be me if I didn't obsess over unlikely (but, theoretically possible) doomsday scenarios when planning (and paying for) a vacation. I do it every time.

So, if you are the praying type, please throw out a little request for a smooth, uneventful, totally amazing and unforgettable vacation for me and mine. We all deserve it and we will all be grateful for it.


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