Friday, April 02, 2021

Five on Friday

I'm taking the day off from Not So New Job today, to prepare for Erin and Kristi's wedding tomorrow. I have a ton of stuff on my To Do List including: 

  • Run Lola through the carwash and vacuum Boomer's hair out of the cargo area
  • Pop up the third row of seats (I will be driving the bridal party to a series of locations for photos)
  • Get her tires rotated (this is a Hugh mandate)
  • Hem my dress, to accommodate the height of the new heels I purchased yesterday (I'm using hem tape; ain't no one got time for sewing)
  • Pick up the last items that I need for the gift that I am planning on surprising the girls with
  • Pick up flowers to give to the girls from Mom (she isn't attending the wedding and wanted the girls to know that she is thinking of them)
  • Search the market for a ham for Easter Sunday
  • Come up with a Plan B if ham is nowhere to be found (Easter quiche, anyone?)
  • Get ready for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner later tonight 

One thing I won't have to do is my nails, which, brings me to the first of today's Five... of my team members at Not So New Job dabbles in ColorStreet Nails and she gave me a manicure yesterday so that I wouldn't have to deal with it today. She did an awesome job and I may now be a convert to nail polish sheets; the process of applying the polish is really easy and, unlike nail polish, there is virtually no mess (longtime readers need not fear; OPI will always reign supreme on my toes!).

The girls wedding color is purple, which is a perfect Spring color. Speaking of Spring...

the first actual sign of the season showed up in the flowerbed at the office. I am now waiting with anticipation for the annual blooming of the tulips, iris, lilacs, and apple blossoms.

Another favorite view from this week:

Selling the house in Neighboring City was bittersweet. On the one hand, we made bank. On the other hand, none of my babies live near me, now. On the bright side of that, though; the girls are doing well in Texas, Mikey has been pre-approved for a home loan and is currently house hunting, and the Cub will soon be home for the summer. It's all good.

Speaking of things that are all good; I finally got my prescription filled and have started on my HRT journey. It's too early to tell if it is going to provide relief from the symptoms that I have been plagued by, but, I am optimistic.

Also optimistic is Boomer Dog, who never fails to show the greatest of hope that someone, anyone, will throw his ball for him.

Oh, to have such faith in the generosity of men. Bless his heart.

Anyhoodle, I am off to start the chores on my To Do List. Next on the blog will be a play-by-play of the girls' wedding! 

I'm so excited!

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