Tuesday, September 06, 2022

A Weekend in Venice...Las Vegas Style

When Hugh asked me what I wanted to do for our 29th anniversary, I gave it a lot of thought. Even with the long Labor Day weekend, we wouldn't have time to travel terribly far; I needed to be back early enough on Monday to get my work done at the hardware store.

So, after a bit of research, we settled on Vegas. Am I a huge Vegas fan? No, no I am not. However, I am a big fan of nice hotels and good food, so the decision to book a suite at The Venetian was a sound one.

The Venetian is a small-scale replica of Venice, complete with St. Mark's Square, the legendary canal, and other well-known landmarks. The hotel is the only one in Vegas that features all suites, which is a nice touch. It also features a slew of shops, shows, restaurants, and other attractions, including, of course, a huge casino.

We weren't in town to gamble, however. Instead, we spent our time lounging by the pool (The Venetian has nine), eating our weight in great food, window shopping, and attending the hotel's signature show, The Atomic Saloon.

It was all very relaxing, entertaining, and fun.

The only time we left the property was to visit the Mob Museum downtown and to stroll through the Fashion Show Mall, where we hit up all the usual stores, including Victoria's Secret, Under Armour, and Sephora.

I took a ton of pictures and I've grouped them together by category, in case you are interested in yet another vacation slide show, courtesy of Great Aunt Erma. If not, feel free to hit the X in the right hand corner up there; I won't be offended.

If you're sticking around, here we go...

The hotel, including our room and the view from it, and the canal that features gondola rides on actual gondolas, with gondoliers who actually sing. No shit. 

The food! OMG, the food! This includes the amazing room service breakfast that we had, a ginormous Strawberry Shortcake Crazyshake that we had at Black Tap, and the surprise dessert that the staff at Matteo's served us at dinner one night.


The pool:

The Atomic Saloon Show, which was hysterical! And, raunchy as hell, FYI.

The Mob Museum, which was recommended to us by one of my Forensic Interviewers and which we enjoyed, immensely. We opted to do two-out-of-the-three additional experiences at the museum, including the Distillery tour and the Crime Lab experience. I recommend both, but would warn you that the moonshine sampling at the distillery is rough. Unless you like your alcohol to bitch-slap you. Spoiler: I do not.

 All in all, it was a great way to celebrate 29 years of marriage, and, I made it home in plenty of time to get my work done. Always a bonus. I guess.

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