Friday, September 23, 2022

Twenty and Four

For the second time in my life, I am wishing a child of mine a happy 24th birthday. That seems crazy to me.

But, 'tis true; the Man-Cub turned 24 at 7:29 this evening. We didn't wait until 7:29 to celebrate, however, mostly because the Cub is camping, which creates a challenge. Instead, we took him and Shanti out for dinner on Wednesday night. Before leaving for the restaurant, we left him "unwrap" his gift.

Spoiler: It was a Blackstone! Hugh has enjoyed his so much; we thought the Cub might also want one. His is a smaller, portable model that he can take camping or use on his deck. We included a number of accessories and a set of spices and I think the Cub was happy.

Isn't it crazy how our taste in gifts change as we get older? It seems like yesterday that he would have been begging for a game system or a set of Legos and no here he is, thrilled to receive a cooking appliance.

That's 24 for ya.

Happy birthday, Cubby!

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