Friday, May 05, 2023

Friday Favorites

I haven't done a Friday Favorites post since February, so it seems like today is a good day to whip one out. 

Without further adieu and in no specific order:

I took Mom to Neighboring City earlier this week and, while she was at her doctor's appointment, I did a little shopping.

Ok, I did a lot of shopping.

One of my purchases was a new fragrance from Replica; Beach Walk, to be exact. I got it at Sephora, and I opted for the travel size, because I was hesitant to commit $160 to a fragrance that I was unsure would suit me. Long story short: I'll probably save up my pennies and return for the full-sized bottle at some point. It's a great summer scent for me. 

My other purchases included bras from Victoria's Secret (bra shopping is most definitely NOT a favorite), a couple of dresses, and this purse, which was a complete splurge.

I don't regret it.

I've mentioned before that I am hosting a couple of events later this summer; both events will require floral arrangements, so; I decided to try the bulk flower route. I ordered from Sam's Club, to test the shipping speed and quality of the flowers, as well as to give me a chance to play around with the arrangements, so I can know exactly what I am doing for the centerpieces for Oscar and Emily's anniversary party.

I was pleased on all accounts; the flowers arrived right on time, were well-packaged, fresh, and exactly as advertised. 

I played with several different types of vases and landed on small round ones for the centerpieces. I will be purchasing the vases from the Dollar Tree in Hooterville, which will bring the total for six centerpieces to just over $110. Can't beat that!

Since I a plan on doing a different style of flowers for Miss Mia's shower, I also purchased a bouquet of roses from the clearance section of the local supermarket. For the actual shower, I will be ordering bulk roses, also from Sam's Club, but, for this practice run, clearance flowers worked beautifully.

In addition to the low centerpiece in the photo above, I will be floating single roses in the vases that I mentioned above; those arrangements will be scattered around the house and porch. I think it will look lovely, and, I'll be getting twice the use out of the vases, which makes the purchase seem a lot more justifiable (not that I feel the need to justify it).

That;s about it for today's favorites. Tune in tomorrow for a scintillating recap of my annual power-washing of the porch; you'll be riveted, I assure you.

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