Sunday, May 21, 2023

The Bon Voyage Bucket List

The Lesbians are leaving me. They have this crazy plan to move to the UK, where Erin will get a job as a social worker and Kristi will run her therapy practice virtually. They intend to stay for a year and then see how it goes; they might decide to bounce around other countries in Europe as well.

I am very excited for them, if also a wee bit sad to see them go.

Ok, more than a wee bit.

But, what kind of friend would I be if I didn't wholeheartedly support their craziness? Plus, I have suitcases; I can visit.

The anticipated departure date is September 19th, which gives us the entire summer to cram in as much fun as we can, and, we intend to do exactly that! Thus, a bucket list has been made. Behold!

1. Make hats at the DIY hat bar at a boutique in Hooterville. 

2. Host a rose' tasting on the porch.

3. Attend the Lavender Festival in Pixler County.

4. Spend a day on the lake; teach Erin how to knee board.

5. Annual 4th of July camping trip.

6. Visit the pick-your-own flower farm in Pixler.

7. Go to the first hot air balloon festival being held in the area.

8. Throw a vintage-inspired Bon Voyage party so everyone can say "see you soon" to the girls.

9. Retro photo shoot, featuring the girl's camper, which Erin is having a hard time agreeing to sell before the move.

We'll definitely have to make a bucket list for when I eventually visit the, but we'll think about that, later.

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