Monday, May 15, 2023

Mother's Day Weekend 2023: The Wrap-up

This post is going to be both content and picture heavy, so, if you are looking for a quick get away, this may not be the post for you. If, however, you have a few minutes and actually enjoy reading recaps from strangers on the internet, today is your lucky day.

I was in my happy place this weekend, the garden, to be exact. I had a multitude of flowers and bedding plants to tuck in for the season, and, I was blessed with decent weather, which is something I no longer take for granted (see previous posts decrying the Never Ending Winter of 2022-23).

I picked up all of my flowering plants from the local Hellmouth, as well as from the nursery in Pixler (which is rapidly becoming my favorite nursery; don't tell the nursery in Hooterville). I went with a pink and white color scheme this year, in preparation of Miss Mia's bridal shower, which will feature a LOT of pink.

I also picked up a few succulents, to fill in the spaces in my succulent planter, which, fared far better this winter than last, having gotten it into the garage for storage prior to the first frost (total rookie mistake the year before). The planter has a new home for this year, because it doesn't go with the aesthetic I'm going for on the porch.

As I said, that aesthetic will be mostly girlie in nature, due to alllll the pink.

In all honesty, I sort of over-purchased the petunias for the planters, which meant that I needed to get creative in my choice of planters; luckily, I have a plethora of containers to choose from, which is why I now have a reproduction scale holding a delightful floral bouquet. It pairs well with my Grandad's old wheelbarrow, so I'm not complaining.

Once the flowers were mostly distributed, I hit the veggie garden. When I bought the succulents for the succulent beds, I also grabbed a trio of cacti for the hanging planter on the garden fence. It's been empty for the past few seasons, so I thought it needed a little something-something.

Then, I got busy planting the fruits, veggies, and herbs that I had in my gardening plan. I way over-purchased tomato plants (Again. You'd think I'd learn).

And, I almost forgot a tip that one of my team members gave me about planting an egg with each tomato plant, but; I caught my mistake after the first plant. Since it happened to be one of two of the same variety of tomato; I will be using it as the control in this experiment. We'll see how the other plant compares to the egg-free specimen.

By noon on Saturday, I was finished with the planting, so I hopped in the shower and got ready to attend Hugh's Fire Academy graduation ceremony in Neighboring City. Mom joined me in the audience (Oscar and Emily were in Illinois, attending our nephew's college graduation and Shanti and the Man-Cub were in Denver for a concert at Red Rocks, so it was up to Mom and I to represent, with a generous assist from Queen B, who FaceTimed in for the ceremony), and for the dinner following.

On Sunday, I puttered around the garden for awhile before heading to the hardware store to work on the weekend receipts. Then I joined Mom back at the house so that Hugh could cook us a Mother's Day dinner on his Blackstone. 

Then, Hugh hung up my "garden art", which includes the Centennial Colorado license plates that we found in the garage when we moved Mom from Mayberry, as well as the license plate from the car that the Cub had in Hawaii. Queen B is working on finding me a vintage plate from Texas.

In the meantime, the wrought iron dragonflies that she got me for Christmas are representing her just fine.

I'm pretty sore from all the physical labor of the weekend, but, my soul is soothed by the thought of fresh veggies this summer.

If you made it this far, thanks for sticking it out! I hope your weekend was equally awesome.

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