Monday, May 22, 2023

Hats Off To You: Bucket List Item Number One

Yesterday, I posted the official Bon Voyage Bucket List; today, I am posting about the first item that we have checked off that list: DIY hat making at Mosaic, which is a DIY art shop in Hooterville. Mosaic also sells vintage clothing and permanent jewelry, along with other DIY art projects and vintage knick-knacks. It's a very cool store and Erin and Kristi had seen the hat bar during a shopping trip, thus the need to make hats ended up on their list. I had no complaints.

We met at the store at 11:00 and spent a few minutes picking out our hats. The store had a good selection of both straw and felt hats; we all gravitated towards felt.

Once you choose your hat, you get to go wild on the embellishment bar, which includes a huge selection of bands, ribbons, vintage brooches and pins, feathers, etc.

Once you have selected your decorations, you play around with them until you get your hat just right. It took us a little over an hour and a half to complete our hats.

Did I mention that the store also sells wine? No? My bad.

I sipped on an excellent Sauvignon Blanc while crafting my masterpiece, while Erin opted for Riesling, which she'd never tried before (she's a convert, now; step aside Moscato!).

The awesome ladies at Mosaic documented our project for their Instagram page, and they were quick to share all of the photos with us, which we appreciated.

After we finished our hats, we proudly wore them all around town; we stopped for lunch at a great taco place and then spent some time shopping around the antique stores and small boutiques that line Main Street. I don't spend a lot of time in downtown Hooterville, so it was a little bit like being a tourist in my own backyard. 

It was a great way to knock off the first item on that Bucket List, which, could grow as the girls think of things that they's like to add. Stay tuned!

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