Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Memorial Day Weekend: Sunday Edition

Despite having gotten to bed quite late the night before; I was up with the sun to go 4-wheeling with Hugh and the kids. In this case, the "kids" were the Man-Cub and Shanti, but that still counts.

Also, Hugh acts like a kid, so, there's that.

Since I was on call, we only went as far as I was able without losing cellphone signal. That was plenty far enough for a decently long ride and a brief tunnel excursion.

Let me draw your attention to the matching shirts; Hugh got them on sale at Sam's Club and, oh my goodness, was he proud of himself.

Then, we stopped for a picnic lunch before turning back towards home, where a nice hot shower awaited. We were filthy and ready to grill up a few steaks for dinner with Mom, Oscar, and Emily.

This is Shanti, choking out the Cub while flashing gang signs. Just kidding! She loves him, she really loves him.

It was a great way to spend our Memorial Day weekend. On Memorial Day, itself, Hugh and I did a ton of yard work; he had sprinkler heads that needed to be changed out and I had flowerbeds that required my attention (in this case, said attention amounted to not much more than assessing the bindweed situation and determining that I am going to hire someone far younger and more energetic than myself to get the job done. We're not telling Hugh).

I hope your Memorial Day weekend was awesome.

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