Tuesday, May 02, 2023

Spring Blooms

Mother Nature finally realized that it is actually spring, and she graced us with several nice days in a row. Once she did that, the flowers around Not So New Job emerged from their winter hibernation and we have been enjoying a riot of colorful blooms. I'm not mad about it.

In addition to the multitude of tulips, we've had a plethora of grape hyacinth; they've spread like a carpet in sections of the flower beds.

The Oregon Grape holly bush is also blooming. Side note: I had no idea that a yellow holly plant existed until I met the one at Not So New Job. It's quite lovely.

Lastly, while I wait for the lilacs in the neighborhood to bloom (fingers crossed that they actually do this year), I am enjoying the fragrance of the crabapple blossoms. They are gorgeous and amazingly fragrant.

Good job, Mother Nature. You are almost forgiven for that bullshit winter.

Almost (throw some lilacs in and we'll call it good).

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