Monday, February 19, 2024

A Day in the Life, Faux Spring Edition

Sooooo, it appears that the groundhog may have been accurate in his prediction of an early spring. I mean, I'm not 100% convinced, but, I am slightly optimistic. That being said; a blizzard will probably blow into town any second now.

Anyhoodle, in light of the fact that the temperatures have been in the 50's and that I have witnessed spring flower bulbs starting to push their way up through the earth; I made the decision to spend Saturday decorating the house for Easter.

As I unwrapped my multitude of ceramic bunnies, it occurred to me that I could start a black market business for the sale of single-use plastic bags and I would make a fortune (our idiot governor banned them. Ask him how well that went for California). Also, can they truly be considered single use, when I have been wrapping these bunnies in them for years? Discuss.

Anyhoodle, while I was crafting bunny tableaus throughout my home, I was burning my favorite candle. It's a scent I created at the DIY candle store in Neighboring City several years ago and I burn it sparingly, because I'm not sure I could recreate it.

Once the house was worthy of a visit from the Easter Bunny, I ran into Hooterville to pick up Mom for an impromptu afternoon of antiquing. I am still on the hunt for milk glass vases for the wedding, but I also enjoy a good treasure hunt. Here are a few items I loved, but ultimately left on the shelves.

This vintage lozenge tin...

...these adorable cows...

...and these German spice containers. This one was haaaaard to walk away from, but I don't have anywhere to display them and they deserve to be the center of attention.

You know who didn't walk away from making a large purchase? This lady, right here.

She found a large stack of vintage records that she could not leave behind. I may, or may not, have encouraged this purchase, but, in our defense, the sale on the house in Mayberry is set to close on the 27th, and she deserves a little treat after the stress of dealing with all that.

We finished the day with an early dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant.

And I went home, where I took a quick inventory of the milk glass that I have managed to procure so far.

Then, I hit the (new!) sheets.

As an aside; is there anything better than climbing into a freshly made bed?

And, that's what my early spring day looked like.

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