Thursday, February 29, 2024

The Internets Made Me Do It

I have seen this DIY hack circling social media for awhile now, and, recently decided to give it a whirl. It involves candles and napkins, two things that are relatively easy to get one's hands on.

For my candles, I chose the least expensive variety available, which ended up being a three-pack from the Hellmouth. I originally wanted white, but settled for pink.

For my napkins, I chose an Easter design and planned to also use them for Easter dinner, since the actual project only requires a couple of napkins and the packages are quite large.

The project involves peeling the layers of the napkins down to the very top layer, which is where the design is printed, wrapping it onto the candle in the design of your choice, wrapping the candle with wax paper (wax side down), and then applying heat with a blow dryer, until the wax from the wax paper melts and attaches the napkin to the candle.

It was even easier than the instructions imply. I ended up with a bespoke trio for my Easter decor and I am quite pleased with myself.

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