Monday, February 05, 2024

The Weekend That Was

I have a dentist appointment today; I am having a small cavity filled. This is not my favorite way to start the week, but I really didn't have much of a choice.

Knowing that this was looming on the horizon could have easily clouded my weekend, but I had planned ahead by scheduling some time at the day spa on Friday morning. I started by sweating out toxins in the sauna. I also scheduled a facial, so, after the sauna, I hopped into a cool shower and then wrapped up in the spa robe for some time in the quiet room before my treatment. It was a fabulous morning.

When I left the spa, I ran a few errands, including picking up a package of diapers for a party that Hugh and I were invited to on Saturday night, it was a beer and diapers shower for a father-to-be, who is the son-in-law of one of Hugh's officiating buddies. I had never heard of a shower for the dad-to-be, so I was intrigued.

While I was perusing the Huggies section of the local Hellmouth, I was chatting with Jules, who called from the road; her daughter required her assistance in moving this weekend, so she was headed to the Front Range. I love talking to my friends, and it was especially good to spend some time in conversation with Jules.

Saturday, I puttered around the house before heading out to the shower that I mentioned earlier. It was a surprise for the guest of honor, and I would say that it was a successful one. His wife and in-laws were very proud of themselves for pulling it off, and the couple will be set on diapers for quite some time. The party was held in a room in the back of Hooterville's newest brewery, which was a great venue for a beer and diaper shower.

After the shower, Hugh and I grabbed a quick dinner, which will have to suffice for our Valentines Day celebration this year, as Hugh heads for the State wrestling tournament on the 14th.

Sunday, I caught up with work at the hardware store before taking Boomer to the park for some fetch. The weather was really nice, so maybe that stupid rodent's prediction of an early spring will be accurate (I'm not holding my breath).

We finished the day with dinner at Mom's with the Man-Cub and Daughter-in-Love. We chatted all things Wedding, including the centerpieces. I have managed to scavenge eleven milk glass vases locally and am waiting for delivery of four more from various vendors on Mercari. I haven't been to the neighboring towns to check out the antique stores, consignment shops, Salvation Army, Goodwill, etc., so I am confident that I will manage to gather all of the vases that we need well before August.

And, that's about it for my weekend. This morning, the sunrise is putting on quite a colorful show and I'm sure it's going to be a beautiful day, regardless of the fact that my face will be numb.

Focusing on the bright side can't hurt, right?

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