Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Leaving’ On a Jet Plane

Hugh and I are taking the red eye out of Denver tonight. We are going here for a business class at which cursing at my own stupidity is certain to be a frequent occurrence. I’m so excited!

Speaking of excited, my parents are making the trip up to stay with our offspring while we are away and they are simply beside themselves with glee (the children, not my parents although...ok, them too); almost an entire week of spoiled indulgences; tuna casserole! Bacon in the mornings! Foods that require margarine as a major ingredient,

****TANGENT ALERT*** margarine is generally banned from my fridge. Do you have any idea what margarine will do to your insides? Do you? Chemically speaking, margarine is one molecule away from being plastic. Plastic, people! You might as well just melt down the container it comes in and slather that on your toast. I'm serious!****END OF TANGENT***

staying up past their bedtimes and, let us not forget the frequent episodes of back tickling and foot rubbing; Nana just cannot say no!

Yes, the kids are quite excited. And, I am jealous. Of the frequent episodes of foot rubbing, obviously.

I’m sure Hugh and I will find something fun to do in Boston. I mean, all work and no play and all that but, I’ll miss being here on Saturday for The Girl’s volleyball tournament and that is a bummer for sure. I have no doubt she will do great and have a good time doing it but, still. I be sad.

Hey, I know; maybe some retail therapy in Boston will soothe my guilty conscious!

I’m willing to try, you know, for the children.


  1. Heck yeah, margarine is some scary-ass stuff. I have discovered spreadable butter (a bit of canola oil added) and it is a good thing. More caloriffic, but that's OK; there's no need to eat an entire cup of it.

    At least, not in its current form. Put it into a pound cake and maybe then we're talking.

    Have a great time in Boston!