Tuesday, April 29, 2008

And….We Lost

And, by lost I mean; we got creamed.




We played worse than the Bad News Bears. On their worst day.

And, while it might have been funny had Walter Matthau was swilling booze in the dugout while Tatum O’Neal played second base, as it was, yeah, not so funny.

On the bright side, the boys really could not have cared less that they got trounced; they were just happy they got to play and, what’s that? Apple dippers with caramel sauce?! Suh-weet!

So, yeah; snacks: the great pacifier.

Hugh was sad to hear about our loss but not terribly surprised since, as he has said; this is a young team. They are just experiencing kid-pitch after getting used to machine-pitch and it will take a while for them to hit their stride. We just have to be patient. Besides, it isn’t like this is the first year that we have watched them build character through humiliation; two years ago we didn’t win a game the entire season. That was also a “building year”, one which enabled us to go undefeated last year.

Learning how to play the game, win or lose, is the whole point behind the league, anyway. And, luckily, we have parents who embrace that philosophy, expecting nothing near perfection from either the boys or their coach.

Still, I imagine they are happy to know that Hugh refrains from drinking in the dugout.

Generally speaking.

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  1. A good learning experience for the boys I'm sure. I am also sure you will be happy when Hugh is the official coach in the dugout again!