Monday, April 28, 2008

Single Mothers of the World, I Salute You

I was so busy running all over God’s creation this weekend, I can’t even tell you. I made at least four trips into town for stupid stuff including two trips to purchase crickets for that fucking tarantula to eat. It should have taken only one trip but, when we got home from the first trip we discovered that we had erroneously been given the kind of crickets that make noise. Yes, I know; Crickets that make noise, unheard of! Anyway, we went back to the pet shop for an exchange except, do you think they had what I needed? They most certainly did not and so we are stuck with five singing crickets. Crickets who sing all night long. It will take the spider at least a week to eat said crickets, assuming the noise doesn’t drive him batshit crazy like it is driving the rest of us, in which case he might kill them just to watch them die.

Here’s hoping.

The Girl couldn’t stand the noise and, unlike some of us, she has friends who are more than willing to adopt her lucky ass; she spent the majority of the weekend at Kaz’s house. The Man-Cub resorted to sleeping in his sister’s bed in order to escape the noise and I plugged my iPod in and drifted off to classical music each night.

Hugh doesn’t know how lucky he was to be in Florida but; he will be home tonight so, I give him ten minutes to figure it out.

Speaking of tonight, we have our first baseball game and I am responsible for chauffeuring a full quarter of our team to the field in a not-so-very-distant-town. Thing is, I have no idea where the field is. God, please don’t let me get lost; that would be embarrassing. On the other hand, I also have all the snacks so; at least we won’t go hungry.

Thank heavens Hugh will be home late tonight. I don’t like this solo-parenting gig one little bit; Hugh would have killed those crickets with his bare hands by now.


  1. The crickets sound awful, but look how cute!! your kids are!

  2. I hear you about single parenting! I think Larry would have to kill me before I would let him divorse me. ha ha