Friday, April 25, 2008

Let the Shopping Commence

Yesterday, Hugh and I finalized plans for our anniversary trip later this year; Barbados, here we come!

We chose Barbados because our anniversary falls in September which falls smack dab at the beginning of hurricane season and, since I wanted to go somewhere tropical, and Hugh didn’t particularly want to be blown away by winds gusting up to 150 miles per hour, Barbados was the logical choice as it sits outside of hurricane alley.

In fact, Barbados has not encountered a hurricane in over twenty years. Of course, now that I have said that and, you know, dropped thousands of dollars booking a vacation there; this will be the year it gets hit. If you live in Barbados, you can expect the storm somewhere around September third and, I’m sorry.

On the topic of dropping thousands of dollars; booking a vacation also means that I have to buy island resort wear for Hugh and myself. It’s a chore, yes but, I’ll persevere.

I’m thinking cotton summer dresses, sarongs, cute bikinis and a large floppy beach hat. For me, obviously; Hugh would look ridiculous in a bikini.

Truth be told, Hugh actually needs a whole new wardrobe since his usual attire is in no way suited for a week on an island and I’m not too keen on being seen with a man-albeit a good-looking one-wearing faded denim shorts with knee socks and a polo shirt circa 1987. I know, call me crazy.

So, while Hugh attends his grandmother’s funeral in Florida this weekend, I am off to Neighboring City to start the vacation-wardrobe shopping process.

Don’t be concerned if you smell plastic burning; it’s just my credit card.

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