Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Well, This Is Unexpected

April Fools! Ha! Got you, didn’t I?
Well, probably not my Dad who looked at that picture and said “What is that?” or my Mom who thought to herself, “Oh, I don't think so; her tubes were cut, torched and eulogized back in 1998 after the Man-Cub crawled from her womb."

And Hugh's first thought? "Hot damn! Medical malpractice suit! Score!"

Ordinarily, I don't do the whole April Fools thing because, just between you and me, I think it is stupid. Seriously, I just don't get it and, frankly, I am too bored to Google what the hell it's all about, anyway. Plus, if I were going to get into it; I would pull something far more creative and twisted than a fake pregnancy.

What about you guys? Do you embrace the bullshit? Any cool April Fools tricks you enjoy playing on your unsuspecting friends and family?

Oooh, better yet; ever been burned by an especially diabolical April Fools joke? Share! It would be nice to have something to add to my practical joke arsenal, just in case I ever change my whole "this is a ridiculous and bogus holiday" stance.

Which isn't likely. After all, I am going to be sooo busy with the twins.

What? I didn't mention that it was twins?

Ha! Got you again!


  1. The third pregnancy test I've seen today! LOL!
    I HATE APRIL FOOLS' DAY. I'll post about it later today.