Thursday, April 03, 2008

My Ass, My Ass, My Ass Is On Fire!

That’ll teach me to exercise as if I’m in shape or something. Also, are you starting to sense a theme in my entries? My appologies.

So,I totally lost my shit with the Girl this morning. She flat out lied to me about having made her bed and cleaned her room when she had most certainly NOT.

And, not only did she lie to me, but she closed her bedroom door to hide the fact because, obviously, I am too stupid to OPEN a door.

She didn't even have the good grace to act ashamed when I caught her. In fact, she seemed to think that being on Spring Break is a completely reasonable and acceptable excuse for living in a sty. Which it is not.

Anyway, I went a little Joan Crawford on her. Minus the wire hangers, of course.

As I mentioned above, I am very sore from yesterday’s workout. Luckily, however the soreness is in all the right places, namely my ass, the backs of my legs, my shoulders, biceps and stomach. My knees are blessedly free from any pain so, apparently, the noises they were making during the torture session workout were not of the “we are being ruined forever” variety.

Good to know, as I plan to work out again tonight, creating even more misery and soreness.

I’m not entirely certain that the soreness in my body isn’t somehow related to the short fuse connecting to my temper so, you know; The Girl might want to reconsider her stance on a Spring Break cleaning strike.

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  1. I feel your pain. I am on Week 2 of a 4-week boot camp. It sucks! I suck! Everything sucks!