Thursday, May 08, 2008

Holy Crap, We Won!

The boys did a fabulous job at last night’s game. They played like they knew what they were doing and it was awesome. The Man-Cub had several good plays on second, one of which caused the opposing team’s coach to very nearly pop an aneurysm in his brain; so certain was he that his player was safe when he was, in fact, quite out.


O. U. T.


Hopefully, the boys will continue to improve with each game and really, that is all we ever hoped for, anyway.

Tonight, I am missing the new episode of Lost in order to attend The Girl’s spring band concert. The Girl, in her infinite mercy, excused Hugh from attending because he has a softball game.

As an aside, did I ever mention that Hugh is playing softball this season? No? Um, that would be because I just found out like, yesterday. Jana’s husband’s team is sorely short of players so, they asked Hugh to step up and he was more than happy to do so. He hasn’t played softball since, oh gosh, 2002? 2003? I can’t remember but, it’s been long enough for me to believe that he will be, shall we say, a bit rusty. I’m almost sorry I won’t be there to watch but, you know, a mother’s job is never done; my first-born needs me to support her as she navigates the unchartered waters of her first musical performance. I am fully prepared to cheer her on, no matter how much my ears bleed.

That’s what mothers do.

And, yes, I am totally sucking up before Mother's Day, why do you ask?


  1. How did the concert go? Did she play beautifully?

  2. Make sure you catch the new Lost on It was awesome and completely confusing!