Thursday, May 01, 2008


It is snowing. Apparently, Mother Nature didn’t get the memo informing her that it is, in fact, the first of May. Either that or the Alzheimer’s is setting in, yeah that’s it, global warming-shlobal warming; Mother Nature has the Alzheimer’s.

After freezing our butts off at last night’s baseball game, I guess the snow really shouldn’t come as a surprise. It was seriously chilly and we ended up calling the game after only five innings; innings that saw us rally from what would have been a nine-point loss to what became a one point loss so; it was an exciting game regardless of the weather.

The boys' performance was much improved over Monday’s game so I’m guessing they either had a bad case of nerves then or were just really comfortable with the home-field advantage, either way, they played a lot better and I suddenly have a glimmer of hope for the season.

I’m not feeling so optimistic about this weather; however I mean come on, snow in May.


  1. Upstate NY (Rottenchester), Mothers Day 1989. 10 inches of snow. It was mostly gone by the next day, but still!!

  2. Snowing here too. Not happy about it. Mother Nature went Sybil on us. ;)

  3. Talk about was in the mid 90's yesterday! Freakishly hot!!!

  4. Oh I also love OPI nail polish, my favorite being "I'm Not Really A Waitress".

  5. I'm very sorry about this random snow dump. But SHHH! Don't give Ohio any ideas with your snow talk. We have an open house this Sunday and it will be the first one we've had in six months that didn't occur immediately following a snowstorm, so I'm hoping people might actually COME!