Monday, May 12, 2008

Minor Accomplishments

My weekend was lovely if, as usual, quite busy. Hugh managed to get the backyard roto-tilled and is now in the process of raking it to remove any large rocks and debris. If all goes according to schedule (which never happens), he should trench the yard for the new sprinkler system this coming weekend and, by next week, we should be seeded. Even though blue looks good on me, I won’t hold my breath.

After tilling the yard, Hugh also tilled my garden space and the Man-Cub and I spent most of Mother’s Day raking the new soil, making our rows and planting seeds. Today, I am headed to the nursery to pick up my tomato, pepper, cabbage, squash and pumpkin plants and, after letting them harden a bit on the porch this week; should have them planted on Sunday. We might not have green grass to walk through this summer but, we will definitely have fresh vegetables.

After planting the garden yesterday, I enjoyed a leisurely day watching movies with the family before they served me a lovely meal on the front porch. The Girl was particularly proud of the fruit smoothies that she had made for dessert and, they were delicious.

This evening’s baseball game is of the “away” variety and, as such, will have us home fairly late. At least I don’t have to stress over what we will do for dinner at that time of night; I made fried chicken and a couple of salads to pack and we plan to picnic at the ball fields after the game. Here’s hoping the weather cooperates.
And, you know, here’s hoping we win another game. That would be nice

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