Saturday, May 31, 2008

It's a Good Thing Chicks Dig Scars

Hugh would like you all to know that he made it through this week’s softball game without injury.

At the moment, he and the children are downstairs Wii bowling; I’m listening intently for the inevitable crash and harried screams of my children because, if there is anyone who could injure themselves while playing a harmless video game in the safety of his own living room, it is Hugh.

When they are finished with their game, Hugh is taking The Girl to a friend’s house for yet another sleep-over. Later this afternoon, I am doing likewise with the Man-Cub. This means that Hugh and I have a child-free evening ahead of us and no real plans. I’m thinking dinner and a movie but suspect that Hugh is thinking more along the lines of trenching-the-backyard-for-the-sprinkler-system and charred-flesh-on-the-barbie. I’ve been hoping to see the new Indiana Jones film but, a backyard with grass would be nice so I am willing to compromise.

If we are going to work in the yard today, at least we will have good weather for it; the sun is shining, there is nary a cloud in sight and the temperatures are expected to remain comfortable into the evening. Summer appears to have arrived, finally.

And, since it is summer now, I have declared a ban on all things stressful or unpleasant. I intend to spend my weekends relaxing and enjoying the fleeting childhood moments of my offspring. We are going to swim, run through the sprinklers, slip-n-slide to our hearts content, eat cherries on the porch swing and spit the pits for distance. Trips to the lake with Jana and Co. will feature heavily in our weekend repertoire and star-gazing at night will replace staring at the television set (there won’t be anything good on, anyway). Snow cones, home-made ice cream cones, Kool-Aid and watermelon will feature heavily on the menu as will fresh vegetables from my garden.

It is going to be an idyllic summer.

At least until we end up in the emergency room for some summer-related injury, anyway.

Hugh, Man-Cub, I’m looking at you.


  1. Mm, sounds like a lovely summer plan! I hope that's how ours goes too. (Well, that or miraculously getting an offer on our house and MOVING.)

  2. I hope you get that ideal summer.