Thursday, May 29, 2008

One More Hail Mary Could Have Made All the Difference

You know it’s bad when the Catholic school kids bring on the nuns and you still lose the game.

On a brighter note, we only lost by just one run (look Dad! I said run and not point! I hope you're happy!) and the game was neck-and-neck for the entire five innings so, we didn’t get smoked and we are still improving; at this rate we could be contenders by the time the tournament rolls around in June.


In non-sports-related news, Oscar and Emily left the state yesterday on the first leg of what is going to be a month-long driving vacation.

Say that slow….month…long…driving…vacation. This equates to hours in a car, together. I’m relatively certain they will return unscathed from the experience, I, on the other hand, would kill their son and bury his body in some remote location in Nebraska were the situation reversed.

Hours in a car. Days on end, for an entire month and they call that a vacation. Me no comprende, people.

Speaking of vacations, I am gearing up big time for our trip to Barbados in September. I bought several new bikinis and am researching reading material for the long, relaxing days that I plan to spend lounging in a chair on the beach. Now, that, I comprende.

Of course, I still don’t comprehend how we could lose a baseball game with the Lord’s handmaidens at our side but, I’m sure He has His reasons.

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  1. Hey, just catching up on my overwhelming blog reader here! Loved your weekend, sounded like fun. And that picture of the nun is AWESOME! Around here none of them wear habits anymore, that I've ever noticed, anyways.