Saturday, August 30, 2008

Because I Have Nothing Else To Do

I should be cleaning the house. I should be doing laundry. I should be writing out the lists of instructions for the running of my home for the nine days that Hugh and I will be away but, I am doing none of these things. Instead, I am surfing the internet weather sites and growing increasingly panicked at the thought that 1) We never make it to Barbados because of all the freaking hurricane action in the Caribbean or 2) we will never make it back home from the Caribbean because of all the hurricane action or 3) our plane will crash in a fiery accident, damning our souls to a watery grave at the bottom of Davey Jones locker.

Yes, I think too much. Also, thank goodness I purchased the travel insurance when I booked the trip; we might be out a vacation but at least we won’t be out the money.

To take my mind off things, how about I invite you all to visit the brand new blog of one of my oldest and dearest friends. Mel is new to all this blogging craziness and I’m sure she would appreciate a “hello” plus, she's entertaining as hell and you'll get a huge kick out of her antics.

I have known Mel since High School. She dated The Boy’s best friend and, together, we spent many a crazy night making futile attempts at keeping those two under control. We also employed the age-old tactic of telling my parents that I was staying at her house while telling her parents that she was staying at my house when, indeed, we were staying at her boyfriend’s house, where hot-tub parties featured heavily in our entertainment repertoire.

Um, if you didn’t already know that Mom and Dad, I should assure you, nothing happened, we might have been sneaky but we were also prudes (Back me up, here, Mel).

Anyway, Mel is Good People and you would be lucky to know her, I know I am.

With that said, I should probably get back to the business of fretting over my doomed second-honeymoon.

Hey, we all need a hobby.


  1. Hah. Watching the weather channel and fretting obsessively over impending storms is my mom's favorite hobby, too!
    Hope it doesn't spoil your trip.

  2. Keeping my fingers crossed that you won't have to cancel your trip.

  3. OHHH gosh go AWAY Gustavo and whatever the other one's name is!! stupid hurricanes!!! I will send a little prayer up for you guys!! and TG for travel insurance!!!
    YES...Mom and Dad.. all that happened was a TON of scrambled egg mornings..and beer pyramids!! :)

    pssst..How was that Chelle?? :)