Tuesday, August 19, 2008

We Are Doooomed

School starts tomorrow and, considering the fact that it took a bullhorn blast to get The Girl out of bed at a reasonable hour this morning, I think it is safe to say that we? Are FUCKED.

On the other hand, we attended Back to School night last night and the child was amazingly excited to be there. She boldly introduced herself to her new teachers, engaged in a fairly intelligent conversion with one while her father and I looked on and she screwed up the courage to ask her (rather imposing) band teacher if she could take possession of her flute then, rather than waiting until tomorrow when, as she implored him; it would be snapped up by a High school kid, the horror!

For the record, the (rather imposing) band teacher denied her request so, tomorrow; we fully expect to hear all about how she got stuck with a junky flute and it suuuuucks, Mom! Also, for the record, we are not buying her a flute of her very own until she has proven to us that she is in this for the long-haul; instruments are just too expensive. On the same subject; the Man-Cub was lucky enough to be given a trumpet by Jana’s mom so, he won’t get stuck with a junky one at school. No doubt, this will also suuuuuck. You know, as far as The Girl is concerned.

After leaving the school last night, we stopped at Subway for a quick dinner and it was there that The Girl informed me that I, and I quote: Embarrass her. My mere presence is an embarrassment to her and, could I maybe just not visit her school again? Like, ever?

I have arrived at the gates of Hell.

Hope they serve refreshments.


  1. And so it begins! Did you do something in particular to embarrass her, or is she embarrassed by you in general?

  2. LOL--ahh the age of parents=embarassment!

    Good luck!

  3. Lawsy, email me and I will share my secrets on how to find a flute without breaking the bank. If you're looking at the local music store, you're going to pay a left lung. I can direct you to where you might only pay a portion of lobe. I taught flute for a gazillion years, walked parents through the purchase, and we all survived. I'll help you and happily so. Anything for another flute player. :)

  4. Awww... well I bet tomorrow won't be bad it will be the other 30 or so weeks that will be..LOL Are we in a new generation? Parents=embararassment??? as long as they were buying.. I wanted them around..Ha!! good luck..I'm in the trenches with you..oh and along with refreshments in HELL..I hope a stiff drink or 2 will be served as well!!! LOL

  5. Funny how this past weekend you were the best parents ever!