Thursday, August 07, 2008

Oh, To Be Young and Oblivious

The Man-Cub started football camp last night. He was the smallest kid on the field, you know, like usual. But, while he may be small and god-awful skinny, he certainly has a good attitude about it; he accepts himself better than any adult I know as evidenced by his most recent work of art, behold:

We call it Self Portrait in Pancake. I don’t know of any other artist using pancake as his medium so, the Cub must really be advanced. Unfortunately, he was also really hungry and, Self Portrait in Pancake lasted only slightly longer than it took to get it to the table. At least we immortalized it in photos.

And, I digress. Shocking!

So, while the Cub spent an hour navigating the circuits set up by the High School football team last night, I walked around the track. I managed to get in almost six miles and my legs are really pissed at me today; I have no idea what their problem is, we used to do six miles once a week with my old Board member, the walk should have been easy-peasy. This, I guess, proves that I have really let myself go this summer.

Speaking of which, tonight is porch night and I am baking chocolate chip cookies to go with the bottle of Merlot that I picked up at the liquor store yesterday. For all my bitching about my lack of proper diet and exercise, I am willing to overlook it tonight, after all; we only have so many Porch Nights left before the weather turns cold and all I have to do with my free time is journal every bite that goes into my mouth and exercise until my muscles feel like jelly.

Wow. I can hardly wait.

In the meantime, maybe I can get the Cub to sculpt my likeness in a pancake; mmmmm….pancakes.


  1. As the weather cools, how about adjusting porch night? Maybe try out one of those little chimnea jobbers and switch from Merlot (yum!) to mulled cider or hot buttered rum? Something simple like that might extend porch nights a month or more.

  2. Love the pancake portrait!