Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Dog Days of Summer

-Rowdie and I have entered into a better relationship lately; he tries not to hump every leg that comes within two yards of him and I try not to completely lose my shit over his apparent inability to KEEP HIS NOSE OFF THE FRENCH DOOR FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. I’m still working on it.

-Since I am the first one up in the morning, I am the Hand That Feeds the Dog which, you would think would earn me some respect from the animal but; you would be wrong. We have, however, settled into a comfortable routine; I let him out of his kennel, he runs around the yard like a mad-man, I fill his dish, he runs around the yard like a mad-man, I tinker in my garden, he runs around the…you get the point. When he senses that my gardening is coming to an end, he sits patiently outside the garden gate and waits for me to exit. When I do, I always have at least a couple of cherry tomatoes for him and, if he obeys my commands to Sit! Stay! Lay Down! Roll Over! Recite the Alphabet! he is rewarded with a tomato. It’s kind of cute, actually, and; having him listen to my commands is kind of nice, for a change. I do realize, of course, that once tomato season is over, I’m fucked.

-Last night, the kids and I spent an hour on our backs on the trampoline, watching the Perseid meteor showers. We were a little disappointed, having expected to see a lot more shooting stars than we did but, there is always tonight.

-Hugh took his wedding ring to the jewelers yesterday; it needed to be resized as it no longer fits comfortably on his finger due to him having broken the finger while officiating at a wrestling tournament last year (or the year before that, I forget which). Since the break, the ring has been a permanent fixture on his hand (AS IT SHOULD BE) as he could no longer slide it over his second knuckle. Luckily, while he was working on the yard last month, a combination of dehydration, slimy mud and sunscreen enabled him to finally free himself (the ball and chain around his ankle remain intact) and we determined that sizing the ring a half size larger would be sufficient for him to comfortably put on and remove the ring in the future. Simple resizing was apparently not an option so we are having the ring re-molded, the diamonds reset and the whole thing spiffed up all to the tune of $350 which, according to Hugh, is a bargain considering how much he usually spends at the jewelry store. I think that was a dig at my desire for All Things Shiny but; I let it slide.

-For dinner last night, I made Pasta fra Diavalo which is a spicy pasta sauce that made good use of my garden tomatoes (don’t tell Rowdie). It was delicious and might just be the incentive that I need in order to start cooking for my family again.

-On the other hand, I am lazy so; I wouldn’t count on it.

-But, I’m not too lazy to work out; yesterday I completed a workout DVD that kicked my ass. Today, my ass is pissed and I am paying for it but! I finished the workout so; at least I have my pride. I can’t stand up straight and I walk a little funny but, I have my pride.

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  1. This is what I have to look forward to when we get a dog? ;)
    Can't see the Perseids here, too many lights. :(
    Did you have his ring engraved, "Put it back on!"? LOL!