Friday, August 01, 2008

Is It Physically Possible to Lose 15 Pounds in a Month?

August first, wow. The summer is flying by. Hugh and I have just a month left until our trip which means one thing; holy crap, I have a month in which to get into bikini shape! I have to admit, I haven’t exactly been diligent in the whole fitness/nutrition thing this summer and waayy too many nights on the porch with a bottle of wine and a loaf of French bread are starting to show. I really need to get back on the wagon and see if I can reverse the damage so; Operation Less Jiggly by September commences today. God help me.

Tomorrow the children and I are attending our town’s big shin-dig; the Sweet Corn Festival. The Man-Cub and I will be taking two shifts in the Cub Scouts ice cream booth and The Girl has volunteered to help that is; until she sees a friend from school at which point she will beg to be allowed to run off and play, leaving the Cub and I to fend off the ice-cream starved masses. I’m pretty sure we can handle it.

The entertainment for the this year’s festival is Travis Tritt whom I used to enjoy back in the day when country music still appealed to me and men with mullets didn’t seem quite so…redneck. As it stands now, I am less than interested in attending the concert and will leave the festival following our period of indentured servitude to the Scouts. Besides, I need to get into town to pick up my reserved copy of the new Stephenie Meyer book and there is that whole Back on the Wagon with Diet and Nutrition thing to consider; there is only so much time in the day, after all.

In addition, I can actually hear the concert from my back porch. I also have a great view of the closing fireworks show from there so, no reason to fight the crowds at the park. It will be like Porch Night minus Jana and the kids (who are visiting Jana’s mom at her cabin), the wine and the carbohydrates which, come to think of it, doesn’t sound like Porch Night at all.

Le sigh.


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  2. Hmmm...Travis Tritt. Now that's a name from the past. Back in the day I went to his concerts, sent him roses and basically stalked him. I.loved.him. Now that I'm older and so-o-o-o much wiser, I think "what the hell was I thinking?". Somehow the mullet just doesn't transfer into 2008!

  3. Mullets--no longer cool now their laughable. Does he really still have one?