Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Dear Winter: How Can I Miss You If You Won’t Go Away?

We had another light skiff of snow last night and the wind blew like crazy. The snow is melting now, leaving us to wallow in the mud it leaves behind. I am so over this winter bullshit.

On a brighter note, yesterday’s conference with the Man-Cub’s teacher went really well. The Cub’s test scores in reading have risen over six points which may not seem like a lot to us but was apparently quite impressive in the teacher’s opinion. The tests also indicate that the Cub surged ahead of last year’s tests scores rather than showing a decrease immediately following summer break, as is often the case with students. I credit the tutoring sessions for that and have every intention of continuing with them again this summer, with any luck, that combined with the eye therapy will place the Cub squarely at grade level in time for fifth grade.

Fingers crossed.

In other school news, today is The Girl’s science fair at the Middle School. This morning she wore a dress. A dress. She wanted to look professional for the judges and, while I’m certain she will achieve that goal, I personally thought she looked adorable. I didn’t tell her that of course; I’m no dummy. I did, however praise her professionalism and wish her luck.

I’m sure there will be a lot of really cool and interesting projects at the fair but, The Girl worked her ass off on her project and, even if she doesn’t win a prize, she’s still a winner in my book.

In case you are just dying to know what her project was (hi Mom and Dad!); she studied the effects that motor oil has on plant life, specifically to prove that used motor oil flushed into our storm sewers contaminates our ecosystem.

Which it does and she did a great job proving it. I must confess that I felt pretty sorry for her test subjects because, for a while, they were the only evidence I had that summer is really just around the corner and they looked so cheerful sitting on my windowsill. Until they choked on the motor oil and died that is. The lone control plant is still kicking but; now it instead serves as a sad reminder that summer really isn’t just right around the corner and, who do we have to thank for that?

That fucking groundhog, of course.

Damn winter.

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  1. Yuck - science fair projects. Thanks for bringing up bad memories of foam core project boards and colored pencils.