Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Ok, so, technically, Valentine’s Day was yesterday however, rather than enjoying the fawning company of my lover yesterday; I spent my time doing mundane chores around the house and covering a few hours at the hardware store.

The day was no chocolate and roses picnic for Hugh, either, as he spent the entire day in a gymnasium full of sweaty boys and rabid wrestling fans.

In total, I believe I saw him for a grand total of five minutes yesterday, one of which occurred through a cracked eyelid as he left the house at six a.m. and four more through bleary eyes a little before midnight so, a lovely Valentine’s Day it was not, hence the need for a do-over.

And what a nice do-over it is; Hugh presented me with a gorgeous garnet necklace this morning as well as an amethyst necklace which he claims is “from the kids” and, really, it is the very least they could do considering the fact that I pushed their gigantic heads out of my tiny little…rescued them each from beneath damp cabbage leaves.

I appreciate both gifts and, all joking aside; love my Valentines with all my heart.

Tonight, I am planning to cook Hugh one of his favorite meals, steaks and French Onion soup, as well as indulging him in a back massage and, um…a rousing game of Scrabble. Neither of which quite compare to gold and precious jewels but, you know, they do say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and his… Scrabble board.

I think I have my bases covered, is what I’m saying.


  1. What beautiful necklaces. You are one lucky lady!

  2. Not one, but two necklaces?!? You need to teach me your tricks... or maybe I don't want to know. They are both beautiful!