Sunday, February 08, 2009

Doing Our Part to Save the Economy

Yesterday, Hugh, the Man-Cub and I went to Neighboring City to pick up a few of life’s essentials (The Girl opted out of the trip to attend a sleep-over). On our list were:

-Life jackets for on the boat this summer.

-After shave for Hugh, who managed to drop and break his most recent bottle, leaving our bathroom to smell of Stetson until the end of time.

-Jeans for the Man-Cub who grew three inches seemingly overnight and who really would rather not be caught dead in high-waters at school (ok, that part was all me…bad Junior High flashback…shudder).

-A birthday present for Emily, who will turn another year older on the 13th (Friday the 13th, as she gleefully reminds us every time the subject arises).

-A water bottle for The Girl, who is too good to shop with us but not too good to partake of the spoils, apparently.

-Free weights and a yoga block for Hugh who has recently started Tony Horton’s P90x at home-fitness program.

-A yoga top that my boobs don’t fall out of during Pilates and

-Bulk grocery items from Sam’s Club.

Things that we picked up that weren’t on our list? Almost too many to count including:

-Two new bottles of the OPI- Suzi and the Lifeguard and Conga-Line Coral

-A new football for the Man-Cub who really needs to remember not to leave it where a certain giant mutt can utilize it as a chew toy

-Lost season 4 on DVD

-Battlestar Galactica season 4.0 on DVD and

-Rubber mats to cover the floor in our fitness room.

In addition to all that, I finally used the Victoria’s Secret gift certificate that Hugh got me for Christmas to purchase new bras and underwear and, I’m, pretty sure that Hugh made a stop at the jewelry store to do some Valentine's Day shopping while I was fretting over the fact that bras these days are so pumped up with foam and gel inserts and crap that women who are naturally endowed, such as myself, barely stand a chance of finding something that doesn’t make us look like we are preparing for our audition at the strip club.

We finally left Neighboring City at almost five o’clock and apparently; shopping is an exhausting exercise because, I fell asleep on the couch not long after dinner.

Today I get to go into town to do my regular grocery shopping as well as picking up a few things for The Girl’s science fair poster-board.

I am literally hemorrhaging money.

But, I’m doing it for my country.

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