Monday, February 09, 2009

It’s Going to Be One of Those Weeks

Monday: Hugh and I must attend a Parent/Teacher’s conference with the Man-Cub’s teacher. I am relatively certain that it will be painless based on the Cub’s most recent report card and the fact that we give his teacher chocolate at every available opportunity.

Tuesday: I am scheduled to attend my Woman’s club meeting, as usual then; I will race home to cook and deliver a crock-pot of chili to the school to feed the teachers during evening Parent/Teacher conferences, a chore that I volunteered for through our PAC (which is old-school PTA). Later that evening, I have to set up and supervise the registration table for the first ½ hour of baseball registration at the elementary school before racing to the Middle School for the first wrestling practice of the season where I am in charge of making sure that every tiny wrestler in attendance has actually paid for the privilege of being there (and then begging money from the parents of those who have not, what fun!). Sometime in the course of the day, I need to stop by the Middle School Science Fair to see how The Girl’s project did, as well.

Wednesday: After joining the Man-Cub in a half-mile walk during his lunch recess walking club, I will once again set up and work at the baseball registration table, this time for two and a half hours. Next, I will race back to the Middle School to attend The Girl’s Parent/Teacher conference where I will pray that her recent good humor and respectful attitude have not gone un-noticed. Then, I will stagger home to frost fifty mini red velvet cupcakes for the Man-Cub’s Valentine’s Day party on Thursday.

Thursday: I will deliver above-mentioned mini red velvet cupcakes to the Man-Cub’s classroom and will assist with the party games (where my efforts will be rewarded…with chocolate) before running home to throw dinner in the oven before leaving for my third-and final- stint at the baseball registration table.

Friday: The kids are out of school but that doesn’t mean that I get a day off; the paperwork from baseball registration alone will keep me busy for hours not to mention my actual job and the fact that it is Emily’s birthday and she and Oscar have invited us to dinner. In addition, I need to make time to drive to the pet store for the Cub’s weekly cricket sacrifice and I need to find time to go over the Cub’s Scout handbook so that I can report to his Pack Leaders as to which badges he has earned at home.

Saturday: I am scheduling a coma. A drooling coma complete with sweet dreams and snoring.

Sunday: Laundry, after all; someone has to wash the drool out of the pillow cases.

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