Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Yesterday Was a Busy Day and I Am Glad to be Done With It.

As expected, The Girl’s science fair project earned a good grade but failed to place in the top percentage of projects. We weren’t at all disappointed, however because; she enjoyed her project. In addition, she learned a lot about what will be expected of her at future Science Fairs and she is actually excited about competing again; I’m so proud of her.

Plus, I take great comfort in the knowledge that my daughter wasn’t responsible for the project entitled: Which Brand of Lip Gloss is Most Kissable? Because the data collection involved in that particular project would have thrown her father completely over the edge (and, um, yeah…I’ll try to get a copy of the results and report back to you all).

Yesterday’s other duties went as well as could be expected; we had nineteen Pee-Wee wrestlers registered for the program and thirty-seven showed up to practice. Luckily, the woman who works for the Town Activities Department was also in attendance so; I didn’t have to track down all the parents of the non-registered kids by myself and, by the end of the evening, I think we had them all registered with money in hand.

Now, I have the pleasure of collecting uniform order forms and of wrangling a decent price from the local printing company, a responsibility that I am actually good at and somewhat enjoy.

Or, not.

Speaking of things I am good at, I made a sign to put on the table at last night’s baseball registration and my drawing of a baseball was top-notch. My handwriting left a lot to be desired but you can’t have everything.

You know what can have everything? Minestrone. Sunday afternoon I made a big pot of it using all the least-fresh vegetables in the fridge (waste not, want not) and that soup? Was…good. It was even better after a couple of days in the fridge which was a blessing when one takes into account that I got home way too late to cook last night.

And, like I said, thank goodness yesterday is over and done with.

Because today won't be busy at all.

I'm sorry, did I just get sarcasm all over you? My bad.

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  1. Having a good science fair project is great! That your daughter likes science is even better! :) I encourage all young women and girls to get interested in science because it is such a good field for the future!

    Ohh--my science fair project when I was in 7th grade--do perfumes smell different on different people?? --> yes they do! :) No kissing involved...thank goodness!