Tuesday, February 17, 2009

OMG! Seven More Days and I’ll Be a Teenager!! Can You BELIEVE IT?!! SQUEE!!

The exact sentence The Girl squealed into my ear last night as we sat on the couch watching Heroes and, for the record, no, daughter: I can NOT believe it.

Also, my ear is bleeding, please stop squealing into it.

In less painful news, wrestling practice begins in earnest tonight (make that: in equally painful news). Rumor has it, we have our first tournament of the season next weekend and, although I have yet to see actual written documentation of this alleged tournament; I am preparing myself, Hugh and the children accordingly.

To that end, I have a meeting scheduled with the local printers today following my Woman’s club meeting. Last year I ordered 143 t-shirts, sweatshirts and wrestling singlets for the program and, this year, we are adding sweatpants to the order. I’m hoping the prices of the items haven’t gone up too much and that turn-around time for the printing will be speedy. If we can have the t-shirts, at least, by the tournament; I’ll be a happy camper.

If not, the kids (the parents) will just have to deal with the disappointment and, hopefully, will have their uniforms in time for our home tournament which is the first weekend in March. After that; it’s all wrestling all the time throughout the middle of April, giving wrestlers-and parents alike-ample opportunity to grow weary of even looking at the uniforms.

And, then, it’s on to baseball! SQUEE!! Can you believe it!?

Yeah, somehow I don’t think The Girl would find that nearly as exciting as turning 13. In SEVEN DAYS!! SQUEE! OMG!!

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  1. I cannot imagine having a thriteen year old girl in my house. Or wrestling sweatpants. I am not sure which would be worse. I just don't like the word "sweatpants".